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How We Market Your Practice

At 1st Med Transitions, we are driven our Robust Digital Marketing platform and game changing tech. Did you know that 90% of buyers are searching online for a practice to buy? Your practices's perfect match is looking online, and 1st Med is there to greet them.

We create custom digital campaigns that target specific buyers in your vertical. From Google to Facebook, Linkedin to Bing, mobile apps, and more. 1st Meds online marketing campaign is doing the work, so you don't have to.

Traditional practice brokers post your practice listing on their website, cross their fingers, and hope the right buyer comes along. All while charging you 10% commission. Well... we don't like waiting. Our marketing platform uses the latest AI, machine learning, and data technologies to find the right buyer.

#1 Paid Search Marketing

Your buyer is out there and they are searching online. We target them with specific markeing campaigns in your local, regional and national markets with paid search campaigns on Google and Bing.

#2 Social Media Advertising

Potential Buyers see 1st Med Listings on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and other social sites as posts, images, live videos, in-stream ads and more..

#3 Optimized Digital Campaigns

We increase the quality of traffic to your practice listing with Optimized Campaigns. When a potential buyer sees a practice listing on the 1st Med site, we drop a tiny file called a "pixel" that lets us identify them and remarket to them in the future. This is technology widely used in e-commerce, but not in practice sales.

#4 Email Marketing

We take our data seriously and have a growing buyer's list from every dentist/doctor we have interacted with over the past 10 years. This list is segmented by interest, location and qualification allowing us to pinpoint the most likely interested parties for your practice.

#5 Remarketing

The "pixel" approach allows us to create remarketing pools of buyers looking for practices like yours. Once a new practice comes online, we activate these marketing pools and promote your practice to buyers whose previous searches align with your practices features.

#6 Industry Forums & Classifieds

We hang out online where potential buyers hang out. We will also list your practice on specialized industry forums where we can reach these buyers direclty.

Keep in mind that confidentiality is of the utmost importance and we take steps along the way to secure this. All public facing practice details are kept generic with no pictures, names or addresses are shared until a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement is in place with a potantial buyer.

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Why Sell With 1st Med?
  • Save With 5% Commission
  • Direct Industry Knowledge
  • Free Practice Valuations
  • Flexible Listing Agreements
  • DSO & Independent Buyers

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Our Listing Process Is Simple

  • 1

    Initial Consultation

    Complete our Sales Consultation Form Here and one of our transition advisors will contact you to discuss your sales goals.

  • 2

    Practice Review & Valuation

    Your Transition Advisor will listen to and discuss your specific professional and sales goals and review the financial and clinical aspects of your practice. With your input, we will determine a reasonable market value and listing price for your practice.

  • 3

    Market Your Listing

    We will market your practice for sale through our multiple marketing channels to reach the maximum potential buyers and generate as much interest as possible!

What Our Seller's Have To Say

  • Dr. Brian Glover, DDS

    "I can honestly say that I have zero regrets. I can’t imagine why anyone would go with one of the large ‘Old School’ brokers that wanted to charge me twice what 1st Med Transitions did."

  • Dr. Najib Adi, DMD

    "The professionalism, patience and tolerance David demonstrated transitioning a husband & wife, multi-specialty practice was remarkable. His commitment to our practice well-being and our professional future well-being was truly unmatched"

  • Dr. Giti Bahar, DDS

    "I decided to give 1st Med Transitions a try, because unlike others, they didn’t require a long term contract and I should confess I am extremely satisfied"

  • Dr. Ricardo Guillen, DDS

    "I am very grateful to 1st Med Transitions and, especially, to Mr. David Goldstein for the relentless effort he dedicated in selling my dental practice in a very short amount of time."

  • Dr. Sonia Smith, DDS

    "Being my first time selling a dental practice... I'm so glad I chose 1st Med Transitions and would recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their practice"


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