Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Why use 1st Med Transitions?

Finding a Practice Broker you can trust should be at the forefront of your process when considering selling your practice.  Many states require that Business Brokers be licensed in an effort to help protect the public from fraudulent practices.  Even if the state doesn't require licensing, we require all of our practice brokers to have a real estate license. It is important that the Practice Broker you choose has the education, background and experience necessary  to help you complete a legal and positive transaction.  

I'm thinking about selling my practice. What is the first steps I should take?

The first step is to complete the consultation form here or just simply give us a call at (800) 815-0590. One of our transition advisors will discuss your options with you and discuss the expectations you have for the sale.

What are some of the benefits of working with 1st Med transitions?

We understand that selling a practice can be a daunting task. We make sure you are fully informed of the process of selling your practice and will handle every step. Once you decide you are ready to sell, we will pair you with a transition advisors who specialized in your field of practice. Your advisor will immediately review our current buyer list and see if you there are any matches. If not, we will reach out to industry contacts such as other practice brokers, vendors, accountants, lenders, etc. to discuss any prospective buyers they may be currently working with. We will also begin a localized advertising campaign online in the geographic area you located in.

do I physically need to visit the 1st med transitions office?

No, it is not necessary to visit our office locations. 1st Med Transitions is unique in that we are a technology-based practice brokerage and can complete the entire transaction without a face to face meeting. We do however recommend a video conference with your assigned transition advisor to develop the personal relationship side of the process. It also allows the transition advisor to spend one-on-one time with you to go over what to look for in a buyer and how 1st Med develops and provides the information presented to buyers, as well as to answer any and all of your questions.

how much does it cost to receive a value for my practice?

The great thing about working with 1st Med Transitions, is that we offer a no cost, no obligation quick valuation. From our experience with over $110+ Million in closed practice transactions, we understand how to determine a realistic valuation of your specific practice. Our vast knowledge of the financing options available in the marketplace helps us determine the maximum amount of financing available for your practice. This is invaluable knowledge as most practice transactions are completed with 100% financing.

What are the steps involved?

1. Complete our Free Consultation Form Here and one of our transition advisors will contact you within 24 hours...
2. Our transition advisors will listen to and discuss your specific professional and practice goals. After our detailed consultation, we will discuss the custom-tailored solutions and steps needed to meet your goals.
3. If we decide now is the right time to proceed with your transition, our advisors will work closely with you to expedite the successful sale of your practice!

How fast can I close once we find a buyer?

Although no scenario is exactly the same, a typical practice only transaction can easily close in as little as 30 - 60 days. When real estate is involved in the transaction and an appraisal required, the transaction can typically take 60 - 90 days.

How long will it take to sell my practice

Obviously every situation is different, but it is a seller's market. We have a backlog of pre-qualified buyers in your field of practice who are ready to jump at a change of owning a successful practice. We will set up interviews for you to meet with each qualified buyer and make sure they are a good fit for your practice. Once you have selected the right buyer, the sale will take 30 - 45 days to complete.

How much do you cost and how are you paid?

Do to our technology-based Practice Brokerage business model, we are able to pass the savings on to our clients and typically charge half of what a traditional practice brokerage will. We are typically paid through the loan proceeds or sometimes, if agreed upon, from the buyers financing.



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1st Med Advantages

  Direct Industry Knowledge
  Our Sellers Save 40% - 50%
  Flexible Listing Agreements
  Free Practice Valuations
  Nationwide Buyer's List

What Our Clients Have To Say

The terms 1st Med was able to negotiate with the other party made most of my colleagues' jaw drop in disbelief. Would a value of over 120% of your practice collections and a transition commission that is half of what others charge sound like a good deal? it sure did to us

Never felt so free and financially secure in my life. Finally, I am able to enjoy what I am trained to do best, being an exceptional dentist, while still being able to spend quality time with my family and enjoying my time off.

Dr. Najib Adi, DMD
Gainesville, VA