Seller & Client Testimonials

Hi David,

It was a surprise how 1st Med Transition was able to help me to find the buyer and sell my practice in a very short time

The fee was very reasonable and the service was exceptional!


Dr. Fern Nguyen, DMD

Peabody Dental Care - Peabody, Mass

I would not be exaggerating if I said that the phone call I made to David Goldstein back in the summer of 2018 was one that changed my life to the better.

Like many busy and successful dental practitioners, I was struggling to maintain my sanity under the pressure of being a business owner with over 20 employees and of being a care provider to over 5000 patients at the same time.

The professionalism, patience and tolerance David demonstrated transitioning a husband & wife, multi-specialty practice was remarkable (trust me, it's tricky business!). His commitment to our practice well-being and our professional future well-being was truly unmatched.

David was able to partner us with a dental support organization that exceeded our expectations. The terms he was able to negotiate with the other party made most of my colleagues' jaw drop in disbelief. Would a value of over 120% of your practice collections and a transition commission that is half of what others charge sound like a good deal? it sure did to us.

Never felt so free and financially secure in my life. Finally, I am able to enjoy what I am trained to do best, being an exceptional dentist, while still being able to spend quality time with my family and enjoying my time off.

Forever grateful,

Dr. Najib Adi, DMD

Atlas Walk Dental - Gainesville, VA

The service and personal attention I received from Michael Furlong was exceptional and beyond what I was expecting!

His knowledge of the local and national market and his commitment to finding me the best buyer helped me in my journey to sell my practice.

Being my first time selling a dental practice, everything was new to me and the most important thing I wanted was someone I could trust.

He was there for me every step of the way and answered all of my questions.

I'm so glad I chose 1st Med Transitions and would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to sell their practice

Dr. Sonia Smith, DDS

Showtime Family Dental - Ft. Worth, TX

It started with a phone consult and when Michael Furlong said: “Don’t worry about anything, I’ll take care of everything...”

I didn’t expect him to go above and beyond his way to ease up such a stressful process. I decided to give 1st med transitions a try, because unlike others, they didn’t require a long term contract and I should confess I am extremely satisfied.

Michael is knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate and always available, which makes him extremely trustworthy.

Working with Michael felt like having a best friend or a brother by my side. He truly took care of everything as he said he would.

With other companies, you’re pushing your luck if you miss Monday through Friday schedule, but for Micheal office hours is just on paper, he is available after hours and on the weekends, if needed. Words cannot do justice describing his professionalism and helpfulness.

Thanks Micheal and 1st Med Transitions!

Dr. G. Bahar, DDS - Houston, TX

Mike, I couldn't be more pleased with how things went.

I chose 1st Med Transitions initially because they offered to sell my practice at half the fee of other brokers.

After interviewing Mike Furlong on the phone, I had a good feeling about him and what he could do for me. I could not have been more right. It took almost 6 months, a failed negotiation, and a lot of patience, but all that time Mike hung in there and worked hard to get the best deal possible, and that's what we wound up with!

I got a better price for my practice than other brokers had quoted me, and the broker's fee was half of what they charged. In addition, Mike found a buyer that fit in perfectly with my way of practicing.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, and truly, 1st Med earned every penny of their fee.

Dr. Stuart Krohn, DDS

Rockville Sedation Dentistry - Rockville, MD

Hi Mike,

Selling a dental practice is no easy task, and this was the second time I was doing it within the last three years. I have to tell you that whole experience this time was a hundred times better than last time.

I was concerned at first about the fact that you will not actually be physically present here during this process, but in essence you were truly there all along, every step of the way, and really went above and beyond what could be expected from you to make this transition as smooth and timely as possible!

I really appreciate all the hard work you put in and all the hand holding you did when I needed it.

If ever any of my peers or colleagues need to buy or sell a practice, you will come highly recommended from me for the wonderful job you have done.

Thanks once again!

Dr. Namrita Singh

Allen Whole Health Dentistry - Allen, TX

I could not have been more pleased with the excellent work of David Goldstein at 1st Med Financial. He exhibited nothing less than a perfect balance of true professionalism and gentle persistence in getting the job done in an expeditious time frame.

The services provided by David were paramount in orchestrating all the moving parts and parties involved with the sale of my practice. Thanks to David, the transition of ownership was smooth flowing as 1st Med was there to select the right lenders to provide optimal terms for the buyers at a market price that has made a tremendous difference in my professional life.!

On a more genuine personal level, 1st Med Financial and more particularly David Goldstein has changed my family's life for the better and I can not thank him enough for that.

For anyone who would be interested in transitioning into or out of their profession, I would very highly recommend you use the services of 1st Med Financial and especially David Goldstein.


David M. Bond, DDS

Canyon Falls Dental - Jerome, ID

I applied twice to a major bank, and an eye professional credit union. I was about to apply to another major bank for an SBA loan when I decided to look for a more creative solution to my practice acquisition/finance needs.

I came upon 1st Med and spoke frankly and concisely to David about what I had been through for the year. He listened carefully, helped make my case. !

1st Med saw the big picture in our practice transfer situation and has been integral in realizing my dream as a practice owner. With guidance from David, we got a conventional loan without going to SBA!

Thank you David, with deep gratitude...

Dr. Vo

1st Med Gang,

I was very thankful for David Goldstein and Mike Furlong throughout this process. They were both very accessable and very helpful!

Their number one priority was to get my deal done as quickly and as seemlessly as possible and they delivered!

Thanks guys!

David Larner, RPh
Central Pharmacy-Owosso
Central Pharmacy-Perry

I applied for a loan through 1st Med to purchase an existing oral surgery practice. Throughout my entire application, David Goldstein and the entire staff at 1st Med directed me through the process and made the entire endevour smooth and managable.

Their helpfulness allowed me to close in less than a month which would not have been possible at any other bank. I will be referring all my oral surgery colleagues to 1st Med Financail for their financing needs. They are the best team i have ever dealt with!


Dr. Shariq Vazir, DDS

My experience with 1st Med has been exceptional.

I worked with Mike Furlong and David Goldstein to refinance debt incurred when I built a new dental office in 2009. They were both easy to talk to, always available and prompt in replies.

In today's climate, the amount of paperwork required for these types of loans is tremendous, and they both did everything they could to minimize the time and stress for me during the process.

They have access to lenders and lending options far superior to conventional bankers; I only wish I had worked with them when my building was first constructed. I highly recommend 1st Med to anyone needing financing or refinancing for dental or medical needs.


James G. Mace, DDS

Hi David, I appreciate all the help you've given over the last several months.

1st Med helped to make my dream of starting my own small animal/exotics veterinary practice a reality. Your advice throughout the process was invaluable.

Throughout zoning, ordering supplies, and other small details, you assured the process was smooth from start to finish!

Dr. Joseph Branstutter, DVM - Misty Vistas Pet Hospital

Mike , I want to Thank you for all your help with my office refinace. The team at First Med Financial made the process quick and staight foward right from our initial conversation.

I would highly reccomend your company to anyone needing this service , thanks again and I look foward to working with you in the future.

Dr. Joseph Terranova, DDS

Mike Furlong went above and beyond and was able to secure us a package even better than my initial request with him. He dug through the data and was able to come up with terms very favorable to my situation.

He also has contacts at some of the off-the-radar lending institutions which allowed him to match up the request with the right institution. I was skeptical because most of the professional practice financial agents I have talked to in the past have been sleazy switch-and-bait guys.

1st Med has great standing with the Better Business Bureau - I checked at and they really delivered.

Would recommend to others!"

Dr. Shana Korman, OD

Mike was so much more than patient and professional through the entire application, approval, and funding process. When I felt overwhelmed, he helped me work through the process to get the ideal result, owning my own optometry practice, which has been a lifelong dream!

I cannot express my gratitude enough for having someone as an advocate during this journey!

Thanks so much Mike!!"

Dr. David T. Brown, OD

Mike and David,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work with regards to my recent practice purchase. Your professionalism was unsurpassed. Thank you for being patient with me during the whole process.

I will definitely recommend you guys to my dentist friends that may be looking to purchase a practice.

Thanks again."

Dr. Brian Westfall, DDS

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication during all three of the loan transactions you put together for us. We have always been impressed with how you took the time to understand our needs and worked tirelessly to find a solution that worked. Some of the lenders or brokers we contacted didn't get the whole picture and some didn't even return our call!.

With your help, we were able to purchase the real estate, refinance our existing loan, and get funding for construction and expansion of the office. In addition, our accountant commented to us about how knowledgeable and professional you were and was very pleased to work with you

You were always available to help us through the process and work through the details. You returned every call or email we sent you and were always pleasant and helpful. We truly appreciate your commitment to getting it done and providing solutions. Should the need arise, we would not hesitate to work with you for second. Please keep in touch and we look forward to seeing you at our open house when the expansion is done.

Best wishes,

Dr. David Warner, DDS - Island City Smiles

We are very grateful for 1st Med. We are sure it was God who sent them our way. A year ago with my husband, we went through the painful process of applying through several banks directly to purchase a practice of similar value and similar sales. If we only knew about 1st Med then, we could have avoided this painful experience. At that time were denied 4 times... If you think you can save a couple of bucks, let me tell you... We got a great rate, we got 100% financing and some working capital... What else would you need?

Also... They will guide you through the application process. After our previous year experience, it all seemed so easy this time.

They worked very efficiently, and got us the loan we needed in order to achieve the dream of having our own practice.

Once again, THANKS guys! Michael, David... You guys are AWESOME... You have no idea how grateful we are. We really wish you the best... You are impacting people lives! Thank you and 100 times Thank you!

Cristina Polit, DVM & Alfonso Reyes

It was a pleasure working with you and everyone at 1st Med during this process. I would strongly recommend someone taking on a business venture for the first time to utilize the expertise and know-how you & your team have to offer. From tweaking my business plan to helping me with financial projections, you have certainly been there to aid me on the way to securing my business loan and ultimately seeing my dream of opening my own pharmacy come to fruition.

You and David Goldstein were always there when I had questions or was uncertain about which way to proceed and it really made a huge difference in this endeavor.

Thanks again for all of your support & expertise! Your assistance and persistence will not be soon forgotten!

Thanks so much!"

Solie Brown, PD
(Owner & Pharmacist)
Highland Health Mart Pharmacy
Baton Rouge, LA
(Opening Spring 2013)

I am Jamal Jones, C.E.O. of Dr. Jo'Ann Todd and Associates O.D., P.L.L.C. Traditional banks would not lend to us to purchase our business without 25% down. As a licensed Optometry Doctor for less than 5 years, we didn't have that kind of money lying around. I did an internet search for optometry lending and up popped 1st Medical Financial!

They approved us within a few days for 100% financing pluse working capital! Mike Furlong and his team worked hard to help us achieve our dream!

Thanks to 1st Med!

We are greatful!

Dr. JoAnn Todd, OD & Jamal Jones, CEO

I strongly recommend MIke Furlong @ 1st Med for financing of any kind and refinancing of debt in particular. He was very easy to work with, always accessible and responded immediately to all of my concerns.

Mike was relentless in trying to meet all of my financial needs. I feel like I made a new friend. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Dr. Scott Goldberg, DMD

We recently closed a practice acquisition loan and a real estate loan with Mike Furlong and 1st Med. Having shopped the deal with several local banks and other medical lending institutions, we knew that the conditions and circumstances of the deal were far from ideal.

Mike provided the insight and experienced needed to not only obtain financing, but at rates and terms that far surpassed our expectations. Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for medical financing."

Dr. Kayla Shipman, DVM & Jason Shipman

We knew that obtaining a loan to refinance our practice, purchase a building, and obtain a construction loan to remodel it would be difficult. Our local banks wouldn't work with us.

Mike Furlong and 1st Med helped us reach our goal. Throughout the process Mike responded quickly to our questions and worked hard as an advocate on our behalf with the bank. While the process was long, and there were issues to overcome along the way, Mike got it done.

It was great to know that he was only a phone call away. We're looking forward to moving into our new location soon and enjoying it for years to come."

Dr. Amy Schwartz, OD - Family Vision Center

Having been down the practice loan rodeo over the years more than a few times, I can wholeheartedly endorse Mike Furlong through 1stMedFinancial. He was always quick to respond, helpful, and professional and had the answers I needed quickly.

He will be the first and last I will contact the next time I need a dental practice loan. From start to finish it was also the shortest transaction of this type I've had.

Thanks Mike,

Dr. Galen Kellenberger, DDS - Peculiar Dental Care

Thank you so much for taking the burden of handling the financing of my new practice. I talked with other banks that were "not sure" if they could handle the loan much less complete all of the paperwork so it was wonderful to have you and the staff at 1st Med help get this purchase completed. 

I will be eternally grateful and hope if you are ever in need of my services you will give me a call. Thank you again."

Dr. Patricia O'Kelley-Hughes, OD - Eyedok, LLC

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in coordinating the financing for the sale of my Optometry practice. 

With my busy schedule, you made it easy to get you the necessary data to complete this business transaction in a short period of time. I appreciate your service and professionalism."

Michael F. Quint,OD - Quint Optometry Practice

I recently closed a loan with Mike Furlong and 1st Med. Mike displayed exceptional ability to listen to the needs of my practice. He was a valuable resource. Our closing was a smooth and pleasant transaction. He was always approachable and timely. We can't thank him enough for providing he right financing for our situation.

I would recommend 1st Med without reservation."

Dr. Kirk Poldek, DDS - Poldek Family Dental

Working with Mr. Furlong was a pleasure. From our first conversation, he instilled a sense of trust that he held to through the entire process. Michael assessed our needs accurately and helped guide us to the correct type of loan. His guidance was spot on.

As is sometimes the case, there was a glitch as we neared closing, that was in the hands of a 3rd party...but instead of waiting around, Michael looked at every angle and helped navigate us through the process until we secured the closing.

As a business owner, I get calls every day from people who have the next greatest thing to help my business...I never trust those calls. The call from Michael was was professional, believable and most importantly actually spoke to the needs of our business. Thank you Mike for your help during these weeks.

As a side note, every claim made by Mike about funding, rates, and the fact that there would be no out of pocket was delivered on."

Chris & Scott Lindsey-Pittman, PharmD - Lindsey's Pharmacy

I can not say enough about Mike Furlong and 1st Med. My wife Kim and I became interested in purchasing our own hospital but had no idea where to begin. From the first time I spoke with Mike I felt we were in competent and knowledgeable hands. Mike took the confusing, labor intensive and often frustrating steps associated with obtaining a loan and acquiring a practice and made them easy, understandable and hassle free.

Mike worked diligently throughout the entire process to make sure all of the proper steps were taken in the process of applying for and obtaining our loan. In the end, we were able to secure the loan and acquire the practice.

Thanks Mike for making the process of chasing down our dream not only doable, but overall painless. I would recommend Mike Furlong and 1st Med to anyone and would not hesitate to use their services in the future."

Dr. Jeff Makowksi, DVM - Cedars Veterinary Hospital

Dear Mike,

Thanks for all your help and support. I am looking forward to do more business with you in the future."

Dr. Loc Bui , DDS - Everest Dental Corporation

We just wanted to take the time to say a big “thank you” to Mike Furlong at 1st Med. He helped us secure a $350,000 SBA loan on a start up pharmacy when other institutions wouldn't’t consider lending to a start up business.

We were beginning to think that getting a business loan was impossible, even with excellent credit. We were on the verge of giving up on our dream when we came across Mike’s company. Within two weeks, Mike had found a financing option for us that far exceeding our expectations.

There is no way that we could have secured a loan without Mike and 1st Med. Mike is dedicated, thorough, and returns phone calls promptly. Throughout the lending process, he consistently called to update us on the status of our loan. He truly stands out in the lending world. We highly recommend Mike and 1st Med.

Thank you for caring so much about the success of our business."

Clint Gentry, PharmD and Amberly Gentry, PharmD – Gentry Pharmacy

As far as I'm concerned, 1st Med's Mike Furlong accomplished the impossible for our dental practice. He took a client saddled with poor credit and managed to secure a practice transforming SBA loan for $270,000.

There's no stronger, more loyal, or more determined an advocate than Mike. I would have never rehabilitated my credit and navigated the detailed SBA requirements without Mike's excellent leadership.

Mike made himself available, took the time to listen, and proved to be an All-World closer.

After experiencing the level of service Mike offers, I've had to reassess my understanding of the word "excellence."

Mike's the best and he has my highest recommendation."

Jack Von Bulow, DDS - Temple City Dental

Please provide this account of our very positive experience dealing with 1st Med to any of your potential clients. We really couldn't be more pleased with the care and service you provided us from our first contact through the close of our practice expansion loan. Moreover, any potential client whom you feel might be beneficially encouraged by speaking with me directly, is welcome to contact me by telephone or email.

Throughout the process, there was never a call or email that went unanswered, and in many cases our answers and needed correspondence occurred outside of what would have been for anyone else, "normal business hours".

I'm sure that the lending environment for small business has improved, but I'm likewise comfortable that without Michael Furlong's assistance and shepherding the process, we would have given up on our expansion plans. We can't thank Michael and the 1st Med Team enough for their efforts on our behalf, or recommend his services highly enough."

Dr. Paul McGraw, DDS, FAGD / Nancy Newhouse, DDS, MS - Newhouse Periodontics

On Feb. 24th, 2011 my loan was closed for $1,630,000 within two months from starting the whole process. I have been in Dental Practice for over 31 years and have dealt with many banks, financial institution, dental supply house financing and many other leasing companies. My experience dealing with Mike was extremely pleasant, professional and wonderful. Whole process of this loan consolidation was a breeze considering the large amount and today’s tough economy.

To top this all he never requested any up front fees or application deposit or any written commitment from me. 1st Med has changed my feeling and experience about loan process.

I would highly recommend Mike Furlong and 1st Med to anyone without any hesitation. He is a superb, trustworthy and very reliable person. He is number one in my book. If you are looking for financing your practice and serious about it, contact 1st Med or Michael Furlong and you will NOT REGRET it. Thank You Mike for all you have done and your services are highly appreciated."

Dr. Anil K Agarwal, DDS, MS, FAGD, FICOI, FACO, DICOI - WInterset Dental Care
Associate Professor Northwestern University (1979-2001)
Director of Clinics Northwestern University (1982-1987)
Board Certified Prosthodontist
Alumni Merit Award Winner Northwestern University 2008

Ever since the financial crash, banks have been much more difficult to work with. If it wasn't for Mike at 1st Med constantly pushing, I don't think the deal would ever have gone through. It was always easy to get in touch with him, by phone or email, and in the end I was able to consolidate three loans into one with a great rate. I recommend anyone looking for a loan or a refinance to Mike and 1st Med without reservation."

Dr. Patrick Capp, DDS

The road to secure an $850,000 loan was difficult for me to do on my own. I tried working with three different well known banks. Even with an excellent credit report the process was frustrating and time consuming. In the end I was offered a loan that was adequate at best. I was told about Mike Furlong at 1st Med who took some basic information from me and quickly accessed my situation. Within a week I had a far better financing option available to me. Mike made the process so easy for me and delivered quick, superior results. Now as I sit in my beautiful veterinary hospital I can reflect on the long road I took to accomplish this goal and I know that Mike was a major piece of this puzzle.

If you are looking at financing for a practice purchase I believe Mike Furlong and 1st Med can help you succeed. Simply stated, his opinion and information helped me save money. I will always be grateful."

Dr. Stuart Sobol, DVM - Dr. Dan's Animal Clinic

Michael Furlong, has been very helpful in making my dream possible to own a practice. He listened to me in what I wanted to accomplish with buying a practice and my goals in how I wanted to do that. As he was able to find me multiple different options for loans that would meet my needs and wants. He was available for any questions or concerns that I may have had and was a go between with me and the bank.

He was able to take alot of stress off of my back as I started the process of buying the practice that I had worked at for the last 6 1/2 years at the end of November and was able to close before the end of the year, as well as being 6 months pregnant. He helped move things through with the bank and lawyers to make as smooth as a transition as possible.

Very much appreciated all his time in making a normally stressful situation a breeze. "

Dr. DeAnn Kumm, DVM - Animal Emergency Clinic

My name is Josh Smith, and I am a General Dentist practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I met Mike through a direct mailer. He sent me an application, within a few weeks, I was approved to purchase a practice for $660,000.00. As Mike would talk back and forth with underwriting,, he would call and update me on what was going on or what the bank needed. Based on both of our schedules. There were a number of times that we spoke at night at 8:00 Utah time, 10:00 Florida time.

I haven't met someone who has been so willing to help get a loan funded. If there are any questions I can help answer, please call. Mike has my information. My website is"

Dr. Joshua Smith, DDS - Smart Dental Care

I recently purchased an existing commercial building for my dental practice. I had been looking for a building or land for a couple of years, but had never found what I needed. When this property became available, I wanted to jump on it. Unfortunately, the bank who owned the building wanted everything done and closed in a very short time frame. I was put in touch with Mike at 1st Med and the deal took off from there. He was very helpful in accomplishing the dozens of items that came up throughout the process. He was always willing to take care of things. Whenever I was unable to get something done, Mike would step in and make it happen.

I would wholeheartedly endorse Mike Furlong and 1st Med."

Dr. Robert W. Albertelli, DDS - Rocky Mountain Dental




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