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Seller & Client Testimonials

Dr. Waseem Ibrahim, MD

Riverside, CA

I have had a solo specialty medical practice in So Cal for 35 years.

I listed it for sale with 1st Med after I approached the local large groups and Hospitals, but no one was interested in purchasing it.

Mike and Alan performed a comprehensive evaluation of the practice and listed it for sale with 1st Med.

It was a very tedious process but throughout every step Mike and Alan tried to facilitate the process for the buyer while explaining to me the SBA requirements. They were always available after hours and even while on vacation.

Mike'sexperience in analyzing the numbers and the unique situation of the practice were very helpful. He understands your concerns and answers questions to the point.

Finally, the deal closed, and I have to say I would not have been able to accomplish that without 1st Med and Mike and Alan's efforts.

I would highly recommend 1st Med Transitions for listing a medical practice for sale!

Dr. Saurin Patel, DMD

Carrolton, GA

I had a great experience working with Michael and 1st Med Transitions.

Michael and his team are very reliable, trustworthy and very thorough in their work. They handled my DSO sale very well and they delivered the results in a timely manner.

I will definitely work with them in the future and highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a transition!

Dr. Tadeusz Koc, DVM

Chicago, IL

Selling a business within the past several years has been difficult, especially in the veterinary field.

Thanks to 1st Med Transitions, I was successful at selling my practice. Dave and Suzanne were very professional and helpful at guiding me throughout the process of selling.

I highly recommend their services as everything went as planned and both parties were happy with the services provided.

Thank you again.

Dr. Naddar Hassan, DDS

Manassas, VA

I was referred to 1st Med by a successful colleague of mine that sold his practice some time ago.

I reached out to many brokers and almost signed with a sweet talking broker before I made contact with David at 1st Med.

I have to say that I have been very blessed and fortunate to have worked with David. He is almost always available, bright, tenacious, honest, and genuine.

From the moment you begin speaking with David, and as you continue to work with him and know him, you will find there is no better alternative as a Broker and human being.

If you have been fortunate enough to have found these guys amongst the ocean of brokers, know that you are in the brightest and most capable hands.

Thank you again for everything, You are the Best!

Dr. Dennis Norkiewiecz, DDS

Washington, DC & Rockville, MD

During the difficult pandemic in 2021, Mike and his team were able to sell my dental practice in a downtown metro area. The process was smooth and painless as Mike handled everything from A to Z.

Then, in 2022 he approached me about selling my larger office to a DSO. I was not interested AT ALL, but entertained him anyway. After their review of my financials I was blown away at the valuation! Then with careful consideration at this point in my career I thought it was actually a no brainer. Cash out equity now, put it in the market and sign a 5 year employment agreement.

Mike began talking to a few DSO's and turns out they were all interested. It left the decision on who to go with to me! I choose who I thought would make the best long term partner.

The best part is yet to come. Since they were all interested Mike was able to drive the valuation up even higher! I was totally blown away.

Mike and his team know the business very well and they take good care of their clients.

So even if you are not interested in selling your dental practice you should at least entertain his two cents.

I would definitely recommend using 1st Med Transitons if you are in the market to sell a dental practice!

Dr. Mielad Bekhet, DVM

Queens, NY

David helped me to sell my veterinary practice.

He did an amazing job and I really appreciate all the hard work he has done to sell my practice. He was very patient and available all the time.

I highly recommend David to people looking to sell their practice.

Thank you David!

Dr. Daniel Minnis, DDS

Pittsburgh, KS

Incredible experience with 1st Med! David had my back the entire process and made my practice transition seamless and enjoyable.

David was masterful in negotiations and throughout the transition process.

Dr. George Sonbol, DDS, MAGD

Orlando, FL

I have worked with Michael on my acquisition for over 2 years and this is a relatively long period.

He is well versed with the industry dynamics and transactions and really knows what he is talking about unlike other brokers.

He was able to present multiple LOI's in a relatively short period of time. I never felt pressured to make any moves as I really felt that he was my advocate.

Mike is an excellent negotiator and knows how to bring two parties together.

My advice for anyone looking for an exit is not to attempt doing this on your own. I initially tried it and it didn't work out.

Dr. Prematee Sarwan, DDS

Tampa, FL

We built a very successful practice in Wesley Chapel, Florida over the last five years. As we grew, we were having difficulty keeping overhead down. We decided to partner with a DSO. We reached out to private equity and DSOs and we got a wide range of offers.

We wanted to have an appropriate valuation of the practice and we found Mike Furlong with 1st Med Transitions on the internet. We liked his reviews and approached him. He asked a lot of questions and requested a lot of information, but he was able to generate a proper EBITDA. He also improved it with add-ons which we are not aware of.

Mike approached multiple DSOs and got us multiple offers. We got 30% more than our initial offer and found a great partner. We were able to retain good equity too. He also referred us to a great attorney who made the closing process seem less.

Mike is very knowledgeable, answered all our questions and kept us informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to sell/buy/partner for their dental practice.

Dr. Oqba Tujjar, DMD

Odenton, MD & Columbia, MD

I was referred to 1st Med by a friend of mine who had recently sold his practice and was extremely satisfied with the outcome of his sale.

Despite a complicated situation, David found the perfect buyers for me. He helped me through the entire process and was amazing to deal with.

I found working with him to be both pleasant and easy. David is extremely responsive, easy to communicate with, and addressed all my concerns promptly and comprehensively.

He communicated accurately and advocated on my behalf with the buyers and our lawyer and gave excellent advice throughout the process.

I have worked with other brokers in the past but working with David was a true pleasure. He managed to make an inherently stressful process as smooth as possible and was consistent in sincerely seeking my best interest every step of the way.

If you are considering selling your practice, I cannot recommend David and 1st Med enough.

Dr. Gary Adams, DDS

Burtonsville, MD

I recently used 1st Med Transitions to work with a DSO in the capacity of bringing them on as a partner in my large dental practice.

Michael did a wonderful job of explaining to me the process, introducing me to a variety of different groups and helping me to find the best fit and the best value for my situation.

It was very important to get maximum value, but also find the right fit for my style of practice. That is exactly what we did.

Thank you so much for helping.

Highly recommend. This review is been done months after closing and I am still happy with the decision.

Dr. Steven Booth, DDS

Austin, TX

I had a great experience with 1st Med Transitions selling my dental practice to a DSO as an exit strategy with the plan to continue to work but slow down to a few days a week after a few more years.

David Goldstein was very attentive the entire process and was great at negotiating the price and some other contested issues.

Very fair price also!

Dr. Gordon Sokoloff, DDS

Coral Gables, FL

I had conferred with other practice brokers and nearly signed on with one of them (for the typical 10%) and then I decided to check out other brokers on the internet. I came across 1st Med Transitions who work for half that price (5%). Then, I met their broker, David Goldstein. I signed on the dotted line and the rest is history!~

First of all, I can tell you that there are a lot of "moving parts" to such an important decision. David didn't miss a beat. He was friendly, informative, responsible, and responsive to all of my questions and concerns from start to finish of the entire process. I couldn't have been more pleased with David and the company as a whole.

Practice brokers are an integral part of the transition process. I have complete confidence in recommending this company to anyone looking to transition, - and honestly, who doesn't want to save money?

They say: "you get what you pay for",- I assure you, not in this case!

Why wouldn't you go with a company that charges half the price but provides the same service: meticulous, thorough, and totally professional!

I give them a 10 out of 10 stars!

Thank you David and all the folks at 1st Med. Transitions!

With gratitude,

Gordon D. Sokoloff, DDS

Dr. Robert Bunn, DDS

Lynchbyrg, VA

At first I doubted they could find a buyer since they have such a low commission.

Mike Furlong found a purchaser within 4 weeks of listing and for a MUCH greater price than I had expected!

Thanks for a very smooth process.

Dr. Parastoo Golestani, DDS

Germantown, MD

Working with Michael at 1st Med Transitions was a pleasure. He was easy to work with, efficient and resourceful.

I would highly recommend to friends and colleagues for their next transition.

Dr. Glyn Solomon, DDS

Coppell, TX

1st Med Transitions and David Goldstein have been outstanding to work with!

David did an amazing job guiding me through the entire process of selling my practice and real estate much faster than I had ever expected.

He was extremely professional and available 24/7 to answer any questions that I had.

I can't thank him and his team enough with my highest recommendation... 5 stars aren't even an adequate rating! Thank you!

Dr. Alan Lasker, DDS

Pamona, NY

David was wonderful to work with. .

His fee was reasonable and he was not interested in a long commitment. He was available by phone, text, and email 7 days a week. He was there for me every step of the way and he helped me achieve my goal of retiring in a timely fashion.

He even introduced me to a lawyer who worked for a flat fee. I am very grateful for all his hard work and I feel very lucky to have had him.

I highly recommend David to anyone who wants an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated, dental practice transition broker!

Dr. Felicia Lawrence, DVM

Daleville, AL

David and his team were fantastic!

His expertise played a vital role in our success and we truly do not think we could have achieved our goal had we not built the relationship with this team.

He is wonderful to work with and always available to answer any questions throughout the process.

Highly recommend!!

Dr. Jay Haddad, DDS, MSHA, MSPFP

Fulton, MD

I initially chose 1st Med Transition to sell my practice because of their very reasonable commission and their experience.

I expected to wait several months before I entertain any buyers, because I have a specialty practice.

My expectations were exceeded and David Goldstein was very knowledgeable, professional, extremely responsive, prompt and yet caring.

He helped make my practice sale smooth and with minimal stress. He not only found me a buyer less a than a month, but he also negotiated excellent terms for my practice and post closing employment.

I recommended him for anyone looking for a transition expert, without any reservations.

Dr. Martha Murphy, DDS

Gaithersburg, MD

I have been very pleased with the service that Michael Furlong of 1st Med Transitions has provided.

First, he was an excellent communicator. He was always available by phone, text message, and email.

He may have the lowest broker fee in the industry--5%--and does not required a long term broker commitment.

He is an expert in social media and therefore was able to find numerous potential buyers for our practice.

Mike is proof that you don't need a broker who lives in your immediate area. I found that he was always on top of the process and was able to bring all parties together to close the deal.

I would highly recommend him and 1st Med Transitions.

Dr. Anthony Remillard, DVM

Hudson, FL

I want to thank you for sticking with it and smoothing out the road to get my new practice location!

I'm very appreciative of everything you did, and I am very happy that I went with you versus your competition. I would gladly give you a positive recommendation to anyone who asks.

Thanks again for everything, and I wish you well in everything you do.

Dr. Najib Adi, DMD

Gainesville, VA

I would not be exaggerating if I said that the phone call I made to David Goldstein back in the summer of 2018 was one that changed my life to the better.

Like many busy and successful dental practitioners, I was struggling to maintain my sanity under the pressure of being a business owner with over 20 employees and of being a care provider to over 5000 patients at the same time.

The professionalism, patience and tolerance David demonstrated transitioning a husband & wife, multi-specialty practice was remarkable (trust me, it's tricky business!). His commitment to our practice well-being and our professional future well-being was truly unmatched.

David was able to partner us with a dental support organization that exceeded our expectations. The terms he was able to negotiate with the other party made most of my colleagues' jaw drop in disbelief. Would a value of over 120% of your practice collections and a transition commission that is half of what others charge sound like a good deal? it sure did to us.

Never felt so free and financially secure in my life. Finally, I am able to enjoy what I am trained to do best, being an exceptional dentist, while still being able to spend quality time with my family and enjoying my time off.

Forever grateful,

Dr. Ricardo Guillen, DDS

Portland, TX

I am very grateful to 1st Med Transitions and, especially, to Mr. David Goldstein for the relentless effort he dedicated in selling my dental practice in a very short amount of time. I had tried other companies and didn't get the results I wanted.

When I informed Mr. Goldstein that I had a family health situation and needed to sell my practice as soon as possible, he came up with innovative ways to contact as many dentist to let them know about my practice. Soon enough, I had a dentist who bought my dental practice.

I highly recommend 1st Med Transitions to any of my colleagues who are wanting to sell their dental practice.

Thanks Mr. David Goldstein!

Dr. Joseph Branstutter, DVM

Mason, OH

Hi David, I appreciate all the help you've given over the last several months.

You helped to make my dream of starting my own small animal/exotics veterinary practice a reality. Your advice throughout the process was invaluable.

Throughout zoning, ordering supplies, and other small details, you assured the process was smooth from start to finish!

Dr. Sonia Smith, DDS

Ft. Worth, TX

The service and personal attention I received from Michael Furlong was exceptional and beyond what I was expecting!

His knowledge of the local and national market and his commitment to finding me the best buyer helped me in my journey to sell my practice.

Being my first time selling a dental practice, everything was new to me and the most important thing I wanted was someone I could trust.

He was there for me every step of the way and answered all of my questions.

I'm so glad I chose 1st Med Transitions and would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to sell their practice

Dr. Namrita Singh

Allen, TX

Hi Mike,

Selling a dental practice is no easy task, and this was the second time I was doing it within the last three years. I have to tell you that whole experience this time was a hundred times better than last time.

I was concerned at first about the fact that you will not actually be physically present here during this process, but in essence you were truly there all along, every step of the way, and really went above and beyond what could be expected from you to make this transition as smooth and timely as possible!

I really appreciate all the hard work you put in and all the hand holding you did when I needed it.

If ever any of my peers or colleagues need to buy or sell a practice, you will come highly recommended from me for the wonderful job you have done.

Thanks once again!

Dr. Brian R. Glover, DDS

Raleigh, NC

David Goldstein and 1st Med Transitions were without a doubt sent from God to help me sell my practice.

Coming to the decision of selling ones life work is not something you come to easily, there is a lot of nervousness and self doubt that accompanies it. David and his staff were there every step of the way to guide me. He never pushed me for a fast transaction that might not benefit me, but instead his advice to me was that I should only sell to someone I feel comfortable with taking over my office.

From the time when I signed onto 1st Med to the day I received payment for my practice was a mere few months and I can honestly say that I have zero regrets.

I can not imagine why anyone would go with one of the large "old school" brokers that wanted to charge me twice what David did. Yes, you are responsible for showing your practice to perspective buyers, but who knows more about it than you? You just need qualified pre screened buyers to come to your place, and that is what David provided me.

His knowledge and experience really became apparent as we approached the closing date, and I am sure I received the very best guidance through the entire transaction.

Dr. Giti Bahar, DDS

Houston, TX

It started with a phone consult and when Michael Furlong said: "Do not worry about anything, I will take care of everything"

I did not expect him to go above and beyond his way to ease up such a stressful process. I decided to give 1st med transitions a try, because unlike others, they did not require a long term contract and I should confess I am extremely satisfied.

Michael is knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate and always available, which makes him extremely trustworthy.

Working with Michael felt like having a best friend or a brother by my side. He truly took care of everything as he said he would.

With other companies, you are pushing your luck if you miss Monday through Friday schedule, but for Michael office hours is just on paper, he is available after hours and on the weekends, if needed. Words cannot do justice describing his professionalism and helpfulness.

Thanks Michael and 1st Med Transitions!

Dr. Fern Nguyen, DMD

Peabody, Mass

Hi David,

It was a surprise how 1st Med Transition was able to help me to find the buyer and sell my practice in a very short time

The fee was very reasonable and the service was exceptional!


Dr. Stuart Krohn, DDS

Rockville, MD

Mike, I couldn't be more pleased with how things went.

I chose 1st Med Transitions initially because they offered to sell my practice at half the fee of other brokers.

After interviewing Mike Furlong on the phone, I had a good feeling about him and what he could do for me. I could not have been more right. It took almost 6 months, a failed negotiation, and a lot of patience, but all that time Mike hung in there and worked hard to get the best deal possible, and that's what we wound up with!

I got a better price for my practice than other brokers had quoted me, and the broker's fee was half of what they charged. In addition, Mike found a buyer that fit in perfectly with my way of practicing.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, and truly, 1st Med earned every penny of their fee.

Dr. David M. Bond, DDS

Jerome, ID

I could not have been more pleased with the excellent work of David Goldstein at 1st Med. He exhibited nothing less than a perfect balance of true professionalism and gentle persistence in getting the job done in an expeditious time frame.

The services provided by David were paramount in orchestrating all the moving parts and parties involved with the sale of my practice. Thanks to David, the transition of ownership was smooth flowing as 1st Med was there to select the right lenders to provide optimal terms for the buyers at a market price that has made a tremendous difference in my professional life.!

On a more genuine personal level, 1st Med and more particularly David Goldstein has changed my family's life for the better and I can not thank him enough for that.

For anyone who would be interested in transitioning into or out of their profession, I would very highly recommend you use the services of 1st Med and especially David Goldstein.


Dr. Vo

I applied twice to a major bank, and an eye professional credit union. I was about to apply to another major bank for an SBA loan when I decided to look for a more creative solution to my practice acquisition/finance needs.

I came upon 1st Med and spoke frankly and concisely to David about what I had been through for the year. He listened carefully, helped make my case. !

1st Med saw the big picture in our practice transfer situation and has been integral in realizing my dream as a practice owner. With guidance from David, we got a conventional loan without going to SBA!

Thank you David, with deep gratitude...

Dr. Shariq Vazir, DDS

I applied for a loan through 1st Med to purchase an existing oral surgery practice. Throughout my entire application, David Goldstein and the entire staff at 1st Med directed me through the process and made the entire endeavor smooth and manageable.

Their helpfulness allowed me to close in less than a month which would not have been possible at any other bank. I will be referring all my oral surgery colleagues to 1st Med Financial for their financing needs. They are the best team i have ever dealt with!


Dr. James G. Mace, DDS

I worked with Mike Furlong and David Goldstein to refinance debt incurred when I built a new dental office in 2009. They were both easy to talk to, always available and prompt in replies.

In today's climate, the amount of paperwork required for these types of loans is tremendous, and they both did everything they could to minimize the time and stress for me during the process.

They have access to lenders and lending options far superior to conventional bankers; I only wish I had worked with them when my building was first constructed. I highly recommend 1st Med to anyone needing financing or refinancing for dental or medical needs.


Dr. Joseph Terranova, DDS

Mike , I want to Thank you for all your help with my office refinance. The team at First Med Financial made the process quick and straight forward right from our initial conversation.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing this service , thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Dr. Brian Westfall, DDS

Mike and David,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work with regards to my recent practice purchase. Your professionalism was unsurpassed. Thank you for being patient with me during the whole process.

I will definitely recommend you guys to my dentist friends that may be looking to purchase a practice.

Thanks again."

Dr. David Warner, DDS

Island City Smiles

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication during all three of the loan transactions you put together for us. We have always been impressed with how you took the time to understand our needs and worked tirelessly to find a solution that worked. Some of the lenders or brokers we contacted didn't get the whole picture and some didn't even return our call!.

With your help, we were able to purchase the real estate, refinance our existing loan, and get funding for construction and expansion of the office. In addition, our accountant commented to us about how knowledgeable and professional you were and was very pleased to work with you

You were always available to help us through the process and work through the details. You returned every call or email we sent you and were always pleasant and helpful. We truly appreciate your commitment to getting it done and providing solutions. Should the need arise, we would not hesitate to work with you for second. Please keep in touch and we look forward to seeing you at our open house when the expansion is done.

Best wishes,

Dr. Scott Goldberg, DMD

I strongly recommend MIke Furlong @ 1st Med for financing of any kind and refinancing of debt in particular. He was very easy to work with, always accessible and responded immediately to all of my concerns.

Mike was relentless in trying to meet all of my financial needs. I feel like I made a new friend. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Dr. Galen Kellenberger, DDS

Peculiar Dental Care

Having been down the practice loan rodeo over the years more than a few times, I can wholeheartedly endorse Mike Furlong through 1stMedFinancial. He was always quick to respond, helpful, and professional and had the answers I needed quickly.

He will be the first and last I will contact the next time I need a dental practice loan. From start to finish it was also the shortest transaction of this type I've had.

Thanks Mike,

Dr. Kirk Poldek, DDS

Poldek Family Dental

I recently closed a loan with Mike Furlong and 1st Med. Mike displayed exceptional ability to listen to the needs of my practice. He was a valuable resource. Our closing was a smooth and pleasant transaction. He was always approachable and timely. We can't thank him enough for providing he right financing for our situation.

I would recommend 1st Med without reservation."

Dr. Loc Bui , DDS

Everest Dental Corporation

Dear Mike,

Thanks for all your help and support. I am looking forward to do more business with you in the future."

Dr. Jack Von Bulow, DDS

Temple City Dental

As far as I'm concerned, 1st Med's Mike Furlong accomplished the impossible for our dental practice. He took a client saddled with poor credit and managed to secure a practice transforming SBA loan for $270,000.

There's no stronger, more loyal, or more determined an advocate than Mike. I would have never rehabilitated my credit and navigated the detailed SBA requirements without Mike's excellent leadership.

Mike made himself available, took the time to listen, and proved to be an All-World closer.

After experiencing the level of service Mike offers, I've had to reassess my understanding of the word "excellence."

Mike's the best and he has my highest recommendation."

Dr. Paul McGraw, DDS, FAGD / Nancy Newhouse, DDS, MS

Newhouse Periodontics

Please provide this account of our very positive experience dealing with 1st Med to any of your potential clients. We really couldn't be more pleased with the care and service you provided us from our first contact through the close of our practice expansion loan. Moreover, any potential client whom you feel might be beneficially encouraged by speaking with me directly, is welcome to contact me by telephone or email.

Throughout the process, there was never a call or email that went unanswered, and in many cases our answers and needed correspondence occurred outside of what would have been for anyone else, "normal business hours".

I'm sure that the lending environment for small business has improved, but I'm likewise comfortable that without Michael Furlong's assistance and shepherding the process, we would have given up on our expansion plans. We can't thank Michael and the 1st Med Team enough for their efforts on our behalf, or recommend his services highly enough."


WInterset Dental Care
Associate Professor Northwestern University (1979-2001)
Director of Clinics Northwestern University (1982-1987)
Board Certified Prosthodontist
Alumni Merit Award Winner Northwestern University 2008

On Feb.. 24th, 2011 my loan was closed for $1,630,000 within two months from starting the whole process. I have been in Dental Practice for over 31 years and have dealt with many banks, financial institution, dental supply house financing and many other leasing companies. My experience dealing with Mike was extremely pleasant, professional and wonderful. Whole process of this loan consolidation was a breeze considering the large amount and today’s tough economy.

To top this all he never requested any up front fees or application deposit or any written commitment from me. 1st Med has changed my feeling and experience about loan process.

I would highly recommend Mike Furlong and 1st Med to anyone without any hesitation. He is a superb, trustworthy and very reliable person. He is number one in my book. If you are looking for financing your practice and serious about it, contact 1st Med or Michael Furlong and you will NOT REGRET it. Thank You Mike for all you have done and your services are highly appreciated."

Dr. Patrick Capp, DDS

Ever since the financial crash, banks have been much more difficult to work with. If it wasn't for Mike at 1st Med constantly pushing, I don't think the deal would ever have gone through. It was always easy to get in touch with him, by phone or email, and in the end I was able to consolidate three loans into one with a great rate. I recommend anyone looking for a loan or a refinance to Mike and 1st Med without reservation."

Dr. Joshua Smith, DDS

Smart Dental Care

My name is Josh Smith, and I am a General Dentist practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I met Mike through a direct mailer. He sent me an application, within a few weeks, I was approved to purchase a practice for $660,000.00. As Mike would talk back and forth with underwriting,, he would call and update me on what was going on or what the bank needed. Based on both of our schedules. There were a number of times that we spoke at night at 8:00 Utah time, 10:00 Florida time.

I haven't met someone who has been so willing to help get a loan funded. If there are any questions I can help answer, please call. Mike has my information. My website is www.smartdentalcare.net."

Dr. Robert W. Albertelli, DDS

Rocky Mountain Dental

I recently purchased an existing commercial building for my dental practice. I had been looking for a building or land for a couple of years, but had never found what I needed. When this property became available, I wanted to jump on it. Unfortunately, the bank who owned the building wanted everything done and closed in a very short time frame. I was put in touch with Mike at 1st Med and the deal took off from there. He was very helpful in accomplishing the dozens of items that came up throughout the process. He was always willing to take care of things. Whenever I was unable to get something done, Mike would step in and make it happen.

I would wholeheartedly endorse Mike Furlong and 1st Med."


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