Buying A Dental Practice

Are You Looking To Buy A Dental Practice?

At 1st Med Transitions, we understand buying a Dental practice is one of the most important steps you can take as a Dental professional. Buying an established Dental is less risky than a start-up venture; with existing office staff, patient base, location and equipment already in place. You will also benefit from the goodwill and practice brand name the previous owner has built-up over the years.

We are currently in a seller's market for Dental practice sales. Depending on a particular specialty, buyer competition may come from other practitioners, corporate buying groups and private equity groups. This high level of competition can make it difficult for a given buyer to find a suitable match on their own.

At 1st Med, we specialize in assisting potential buyers find the best practice in their locations of interest.

Services Provided By 1st Med When Buying A Dental Practice

practice valuation

financing assistance

extensive network of Dental brokers

market analysis

transition knowledge & Support

Dental practice marketing

Lease review & negotiations

Buying a Dental practice can be an long, arduous task when going at it on your own - you have to determine a reasonable valuation, deal with negotiation & contracts, financing, taxes and transition planning regarding staff and patients. Not to worry... our team of transition advisors has experience in every Dental practices specialty area and is here to help. Our team of experts will make this big process that much easier for you.

To get started, complete our Dental Practice Consultation Form Here and one of our experienced practice transition advisors will contact you within 24 hours.

Dental Practice Transition Experts are available, Call Us: (800) 815-0590.



1st Med Advantages

  Direct Industry Knowledge
  Our Sellers Save 40% - 50%
  Flexible Listing Agreements
  Free Practice Valuations
  Nationwide Buyer's List

What Our Clients Have To Say

The terms 1st Med was able to negotiate with the other party made most of my colleagues' jaw drop in disbelief. Would a value of over 120% of your practice collections and a transition commission that is half of what others charge sound like a good deal? it sure did to us

Never felt so free and financially secure in my life. Finally, I am able to enjoy what I am trained to do best, being an exceptional dentist, while still being able to spend quality time with my family and enjoying my time off.

Dr. Najib Adi, DMD
Gainesville, VA